Develop games together to make your plataform more relevant and engaging for your audience.

Different Contexts

Games with themes that hook your player, creating much more interest in playing on your site. 

Innovative Engines

The technology to create games with the many innovative mechanics that gamers love. Crash, Instant, Mines… We have everything ready!

Soundtrack & Audio FX

Pop, rock, hip-hop or techno… just choose the soundtrack that enhances the gaming experience especially for those who play on your website!

Highlight Your Assets

Customize with your brand elements such as colors, logo, branding concept and even the image of the ambassador!

how we make your game

Customer briefing

We dive into your operation to understand your communication strategy, your brand values, and your players’ demographic and gaming profile.


We work together with you to define the game’s visual concept, theme and engines, seeking to connect your brand to player preferences.


Our artists create the game concept for you to approve. Everything approved? We move on to the game development process.


We follow the launch of the game on your platform, providing technical support and analyzing the indicators to ensure that everything works perfectly.

Most Played
Engines in the World

Our engines were created so that you can customize your content using the same mechanics as the most popular games on the market.

Crash Games

Players bet on a multiplier that increases over time and must decide the right time to withdraw their winnings, as the multiplier can crash at any time, leading to a total loss of the bet. The thrill is based on knowing when to quit before the game crashes!

Dice Games

Players roll virtual dice and place bets on specific numerical outcomes or ranges. Luck determines the winners, creating an exciting and fast-paced experience.

Instant Games

Players place bets on rounds with a predefined number of plays having a multiplier associated with each play. The more the player hits, the greater the multiplier of the bet amount.

Mines Games

Players select locations in a virtual minefield, avoiding mines to win prizes. The reward increases as more spaces are unlocked.

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See the main questions of our customers. Their question could be yours. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, contact our consultants.

A custom game is nothing more than a game that was built with the objective of meeting a specific audience or strategy. Let's imagine the following, you are an operator that has many players from Rio de Janeiro who like to play crash games. Taking this into account, we can create, for example, a game that is a surfer catching a wave on the beach, or something focused on Rio carnival blocks... As we have the engines developed on our side, the possibilities are endless.

What we call engines are the mechanics of casino games. We have already developed at Stargaze the 4 main engines (mechanics) on the market, they are: Dice, Mines, Instant and Crash. These mechanics are the logic that runs “behind” the game, that is, it is what controls and defines the draws, prizes and winners of the round. From these engines we can create whatever we want. For example, the Instant mechanic is the one where the player makes a bet and has X spins with multipliers. From this mechanic we can create a free throw game in Basketball, a boxing game or anything else that follows this logic.

From the moment we close a project, the first step is to have a kick-off meeting to understand the operator's strategy, deepen the profile of its players and hear a little about how the operator is positioning itself in the market. On our side, we carry out a detailed study of the brand's ways of communicating in the market.

After that, we went back home and started sketching out the game with our awesome design and UX team. This part is extremely fun and many innovative ideas come up. We prepare a sketch of the game and present it to the client.

With everything approved, we started the creative work with our developers, as well as the soundtrack and sound effects with the Sound Design team.

I'll summarize here, but once the game is ready, we do test runs and sit down with the client to prepare the launch strategy. Then we monitor the performance of the game to ensure that everything is running smoothly

Of course, even this is an important part of customizing games. We can use the brand logo, colors, sound elements and much more. All to further connect the content to its players.

We think this is a big hit for accelerating the game's adoption curve as brand ambassadors and influencers can bring great visibility to new content. Of course, some details are important, such as the issue of image rights, contracts, etc., but you can rest assured that we will help you with that too.

Huummm complex question... This will depend on several factors throughout the development process, such as:

Delay in contractual discussion
Complexity of the game and animations
Customer team allocated to the project
Proposal approval time

But let's not avoid the question, in a scenario where everything goes fast, the project should take 30 to 90 days.

That part is easy! Just click aqui and send your data and we will contact you as soon as possible to better detail the proposal and understand what you are looking for. And then, have you ever thought about having a game that is just yours? So let's work together!!!


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